Brazilian-born. Italian-descent.
I'm a brand–oriented professional and I have been working mostly among branding consultancies since 2005—from São Paulo to New York.

I have contributed to a diversified range of brand projects that come across: creating new brands from scratch; repositioning established brands; solving complex brand architectural issues for an industrial conglomerate or for a merger of two large banks.

Furthermore, I have an MBA degree in Sports Marketing (ESPM São Paulo) and I had a brief––but valuable––experience within the financial industry, which reinforced my perspective on data, analysis, market and infographics.

Throughout my career, I have not played a unique role, but I have been a result of different experiences as a graphic designer, a brand strategist and a marketing analyst.

When not doing any of these, I will likely be chasing around my two kids or I will be holding a camera to portrait my personal view on everyday’s trivialities.

For detailed information about my professional background, please visit my LinkedIn profile.
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