The company
Use Fashion is Brazil’s leader fashion trend platform, focused on small businesses. Most of its consumers are self–made retail entrepreneurs with limited staff, specially within their creative team. In 2017, the company became part of the Ascential group––owner of WGSN––and started a plan to renew itself.

The project
Use Fashion went through a complete rebranding, from new brand positioning to new tone of voice and new visual identity. Its main intention was to reduce different perceptions around its brand and become a business partner, offering useful and applicable content. Its main audience needs help understanding fashion trends and how to convert them into selling products, specially in a time where fashion cycles are becoming shorter.

The result
As a way of guiding creativity, Use Fashion gained bright colors. The new logo exists in two color combinations: a yellowish and a blueish gradients. Both treatments represent the brand’s main color palette and will be used alternately amongst different touchpoints.
The new symbol is made out of a simple shape, expandable into a diversified universe. This way, is possible to see the brand is alive, adaptable, unlimited. It represents its capacity to fit into different ecosystems.

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